It’s crazy to look at these two pictures side by side and see the difference in my skin! I get compliments regarding my skin on a day to day basis and they remind me of how far I’ve come.

Skin Background

I have Combination Skin and never had terrible acne, but I found myself really struggling to keep my skin clear circa late 2018 and early 2019. Before then I really only experienced hormonal acne once a month that didn’t stick around for long. But I found myself getting multiple, stubborn breakouts at a time- usually concentrated on my chin, cheeks, and under my nose. It was really frustrating and not the best for my confidence. In addition to the acne, I also had acne scare from previous blemishes and felt as if my skin appeared to be very textured. I chalked my skin struggles up to stress and an unhealthy diet, but the acne still prevailed during a period of time where I felt the happiest, and ate the healthiest (among my college years at least lol).

During that time I was washing my face on average two times a day with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and following that with the Cetaphil Moisturizer. I wasn’t picky with what spot treatment I used, if I wasn’t using tea tree oil at the given moment. I had also tried Biore Deep Charcoal Cleanser and Oil-Free Acne Wash.

Establishing a Skin Care Routine

My journey to cleaner skin started when I had an Acne Consultation at NEOSkin Center with Heather Hallen in June of 2019. This Acne Clinic guarantees that your skin will be 90% Clearer in 90 Days! The consultation consisted of about an hour or less of her learning about my skin concerns and essentially educating me on acne. She explained the different types of acne and told me what can cause acne. I left with a full list of foods and ingredients in products that most people don’t know can attribute to breakouts.

She then customized a skin care routine based off of my specific needs. She recommended products to me, told me each product’s purpose, and gave me step by step weekly instructions for my new skincare routine.

I was skeptical at first and felt like my skin would never be completely clear, but I was proved wrong. The selfie below was take on August 19th, 2019. My skin wasn’t perfect but it was definitely 90% clearer as promised. You can also see that my skin looked smooth overall and had less scarring.

The products used at the Acne Clinic at NEOSkin Center are highly successful. Having this skincare routine provided to me by Heather is the foundation of maintaining my clear skin. Investing in a skincare routine is investing in yourself and confidence! I know the products work because when ever I miss steps in my routine, whether due to running out of a product or laziness, it is surprising how quickly my skin responds. So, consistency is key! I also know the products work because I now very rarely experience breakouts due to stress, PMS, or eating foods that once may have caused a flare up.

I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with NEOSkin. They can be found on Instagram @neoskincenter and on Facebook as “NEOSkin Center.” You can also stay up to date with special deals/offers if you follow them!

Acne New Patient Consult: $75
Products: Varies depending on products recommended to you

Now to the Fun Stuff!

After setting my foundation of clear skin, I could move on to the fun treatments that also served as a fun form of self care as well as way to keep my skin healthy. We’ll start out with my first discovery.

DiamondGlow Facial

The Diamond Glow Facial is a three in one treatment- it exfoliates dry skin, extracts impurities from the skin, and infuses serums that you pick custom to your specific skin concerns at the time, It’s pain free and takes about 45 minutes max. At the end you get to see the serum jar which is super satisfying. The liquid starts off clear. Foam is a sign of dehydrated skin, yellow tint is a sign of oily skin, and any particles floating are things that were extracted out of your skin!

Diamond Glow Facial: $175
**You can get $50 off your first Diamond Glow Facial if you sign up for Brilliant Distinctions, which is completely free!


Dermaplaning is also a form of exfoliation and also very, very satisfying. It is painless and takes about a max of 45 minutes as well. NEOSkin offers it in combination with the Diamond Glow Facial and that appointment lasts about an hour. You can also get Dermaplaning in combination with a O2 Lift Facial which is very relaxing.

Dermaplaning removes dead skin and also all of your peach fuzz as an added bonus! You will notice your skin will look much brighter immediately following the treatment. Your skin will also be extremely smooth which I’m sure can really help with a more flawless makeup application. Your skincare products will also be able to work more effectively since all of the dead skin will be eliminated.

Dermaplaning: $100
Dermaplaning + Diamond Glow: $215
Dermaplaning + O2 Lift Facial: $140

Eyebrow Wax

This honestly doesn’t really have to do skincare, but I felt as if I should mention it since it is one of the three services at NEOSkin that I get most frequently. It doesn’t contribute to clear skin obviously, but it can make my face look a little “cleaner” or “neater” (for lack of a better term lol).

Eyebrow Wax: $25
Upper Lip Wax: $12

Thank You NEOSkin Center!

Long story short, I owe it all to NEOSkin Center! Sounds cheesy, and probably a little biased, but it’s really just the truth. Heather’s Acne Clinic and Heather/Jes’s esthetician services are the reason I rarely ever have to worry about breakout or being self conscious about my skin now. Not to mention the rest of the staff is very friendly and makes you feel super comfortable as well! I look forward to trying more services and sharing my experience with those as well!

If you have any questions about anything mentioned, or NEOSkin Center, definitely feel free to reach out to me! If you decide to follow my advice and visit NEOSkin Center, tell them I sent ya 😉